Dirk Strider's Anime Review


Well were gonna start off this great review site with the best fucking anime ever. Ouran High school Host Club. best thing ever

just look at how fucking kawaii that is. I cant even begin to explain how fly that shit is. Just look at that little genderfluid Haruhi. She's the most insparational thing ever like i just cant even. I dont really want to spoil shit for you but I mean I gotta. So yeah


Ok so for those of you that have seen this y'all know about the sexual twins that made you ship everything incest from that moment forward. These guys. These twins are why I have my hair so fucking sugoi. like these gay children fucking changed my life I love them so much. I also can't begin to get over my gayness for honey senpai and his little bunny usichan. The one episode where he eats too many sweets and gets a wittle cavity. So kawaii desuuuuuu so sugoi and perfect. Like he makes me want to jump off my building he's so cute. Now dont get me started on the white night Takumi. His perfect flowing blond hair and shimmering purple blue eyes. ~faint~ I love him so much why ant i be Haruhi. It's not fair it's just not fair. I should be treated like her. I love him so much i just cant. kawaii