I'm Dave, Dave strider.

I make shitty raps that are the best things you'll ever hear.

applejuice Sweet Bro & Hella Jeff

Time for some sick beats bro,

this is one sick beat

Spittin' rhymes with Terezi, here son

And I'm officially the candidate for having some fun

(You know)

Bustin' shit for y'all, I quickly spit

But the fellas you are with,

They ain't even legit,


I'm a Strider and there ain't none finer

All you other rappers try, but this gap is even

wider than

This role


Try to step to the knight with the clock control

I digress,

putting you in distress

You know I got the finesse

Always dress to impress

(The best)

Got a sword, but I ain't gonna use it

Got my lyric weapon here, you know that I'll never refuse it

(It's) too easy to dunk on you clowns

When my sick rhymes always keepin' me down

(Oh shit)

Bustin' old school style

Now the class is in session

So stay for a while

(Cause I'm) too fresh, here in the flesh

Here it's better than the epic of Gilgamesh

You think you're clever or better but that's whatever

Rhyming ever is forever but never a self-aggressor


Should I count all the reasons you're a zero?

You've got no cash and a troll body-pillow

Got the honey and the money so much that it ain't funny

This is why I'm on top and I ain't gonna stop


Got this rhyme

And it's keeping in time

In the words of myself; it is truly sublime

It's prime, it's a crime

to keep it this real

Better lock me up

'Cause I ain't gotta reveal (this steel)

Ideal, but you can't relate

How 'bout you go back to your pillow and masturbate


I'm sorry, did I say that out loud?

It's too bad that my lyrics are supremely endowed

So let me say that in conclusion, if you have any confusion,

there's no optical illusion; all these words are no exclusion,

if you want a bad confusion, I can give them in profusion,

that there ain't no collusion. My vocal electrocution

has the lyric restitution, not your lame-ass air pollution.

There, I got the whole solution, with the high-class execution.

Under constant evolution, start a Strider revolution,

'n yo jumpass institution with wisdom that's so confusion

Peace out Bros.

the best around