Squiddly dee, Squiddly dum, Every body sing the squiddle song!

life My dog <3 bec

Bec (my little puppy) also likes squiddles but he only likes them cause he can tear it up. Bec doesnt chew up just anything, so squiddles must be pretty great.

Squiddles merch is seriously the best. The lunch box is my favorite thing ever! and I love love love all the diffrent plushies they have. Theres so many diffrent types I cant even begin to explain how much i love them tehe :B.

Squiddles make the best adventuring pals!

I love going on adventures but sometimes it gets lonely...I normally take Bec but he gets a bit protective of me. So every now and then I'll take my little squiddles with me and they keep me company. They're really great for when you get lonely. Sometimes Bec will even carry them around when we adventure together, and he wont even eat them!

I couldnt live without squiddles i love them so so much! I have posters and stuffies everywhere! My best friend rose even knits me some when she doesnt know what to make!

I even sleep cuddling some of them. I also have a squiddle body pillow, hehe..

I also garden with them. I use colored ones to mark what is growing where. But I do mostly grow Pumkins. I dont know why, I just kinda do.

Well i'm gonna end this here. me